About us

Meter by meter, we create new worlds …

… with trees growing in the living room and lamps the size of a man. … where the bathroom can be in a glass box and in tiles that repeat the shape of a bird.

We think that design should amaze. We create art that is not only nice to look at – but also to live in it.

We are united by zest for life

Our generation is called the Millennials.

We were born and raised in the era of digital innovation. We are on familiar terms with modern technologies and this is our advantage. Our projects are high-tech, functional, bold and full of life and we are always aware of the latest development in the world of design.

Our principles:

1 Integrity – we are obsessed with design and proud of that fact!

2 Style – we bring the craziest ideas to aesthetic perfection.

3 Flexibility – we find the best solution in any circumstances.

4 Efficiency – even when we are on a deadline!

Not just a design, but reflection of a lifestyle

A bold office in electric – blue for a startup company or a cozy Hobbit house by the lake, a hype club on the roof of a skyscraper or a luxurious hotel that looks like a medieval castle – nothing is impossible when the fire runs through our blood and confidence is a part of our nature.

It’s that simple – we just know our stuff.

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Our partners

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Address: St. Petersburg, the 26th line of Vasilyevsky Island, house 3 A

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